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With 20+ years experience in the fields of sales, education, healthcare, budgeting, marketing, operations, research and development, private consulting and coaching, I can immerse myself into your business to find your opportunities.
If you want a true picture of your business from a customer and employee perspective, contact me today.  
If you are considering acquiring another business, let me assist in your due diligence.

Why hire a traditional outside consultant who only gives you 50% of the picture when you can hire an employee who sits inside your future or current company experiencing everything with a fresh perspective?


The Customer Experience
The Employee Experience
​​Have you experienced your Company through the eyes of your Customer? Do you routinely inspect your Company to make sure that your policies are consistent and implemented to industry standards?
In today's fast paced market, your Customer expects instant results and first impressions are everything. How are you managing every level of their experience?
Are you building your brand with personal referrals? Do you know where you rank amongst the competition? What is your competition doing or ignoring that you can capitalize on?

​​No matter the size of your team, have you got each person in the right place at the right time? Does every employee interaction increase or decrease their loyalty to you and the brand? What are your employees saying about you or your services with their words or actions?
Your employees are your brand. Have you surrounded yourself with passionate problem solvers? Do they have the desire to elevate themselves and their performance? Do they feel empowered and know the right way to communicate to resolve any business issue with tact and discretion?
Complimentary Consultations
Schedule a convenient time to discuss your challenges, ask a question or just to brainstorm on a problem.